The life of and organization depends on its ability to build and develop leadership. TSL has emerged as a result of dynamic leadership and constant growth in sales and improvement of profitability. It is managed by well qualified, experienced, capable and dedicated professionals.


In Year 2015 management of Total Sales & Services decided to incorporate this company with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP] and became as Total Sales & Services (Private) Limited. [Herein can referred as “TSL”] for getting corporate exposure in globally.


General Order Supply

Import Export

Transports Services

IT Services

Total Sales & Services (Pvt) Ltd

Construction & General Order Supplies:

Our aim is to provide cost efficient construction / procurement on a larger scale, straight from the source & offer civil works / supply solutions in the most demanding environments where lead times and supply locations are challenging. Working as a Civil Works & General Order Supplier, we have commitment, dedication and support of different business professionals and organizations of different fields to ensure best quality services and perfect goods required by our customers.

Some of the main focused areas are;

a. Construction Material  Sand, Bricks, Cement, Iron, CGI Sheets, Paints, Tiles  Design and Fabrication of House Hold Items (Steel Beds / Tables, Chairs Etc.)  Heavy Machinery  Construction & Renovation of Buildings / Roads  Heating & Cooling System
b. Batteries & UPS  Exide, Volta, Osaka, AGS  NI-CD, NI-MH, Li-Ion Batteries  UPS of all rage
c. Computer Software & Hardware  Laptop, Desktop, Networking, Software Engineering, Website